My name is Elena and I became interested in photography leaning more towards portraits, artistic black and white photography, as well as street photography. Since February 24, 2022, with the start of the Russia`s full-scale invasion of Ukraine I started to make documentary photography fixating everyday life of the Ukrainian frontline city of Zaporizhzhia where I was born and where I live now. Due to the proximity of the front about 30 km away, my city feels the impact of war every day. Just like in pre-war times, the focus of my attention and camera is still on people: how they react to the war, what they do, how they cope with new living conditions. During my work as a documentary photographer, I had exhibitions around the world and in Ukraine, involvement in several documentary films, books, UNESCO and other projects, had publications in international and local media, two mural projects based on my photos etc. Now I work as a freelance documentary photographer.